The role of the leader is one with many facets: The leader must be able to take the lead - and to stay in the background. Be able to plan efficiently - but still be able to adapt. The leader must be able to establish close relationships with her employees - yet keep a constructive distance. The challenges are many and they require competent leadership.


Rex I Albright's "Executive Leadership Programme" focuses on your development as a leader and supplies you with knowledge and tools within three core areas: leading self, leading others and leading organisations.

The three process steps in the leadership development programme:


Working with personal leadership is about being able to handle dilemmas. Leaders are constantly challenged with the task of prioritising a wide variety of important tasks, which may pull in many different directions. Dilemma and doubt are the opponents of any manager, but they are also his/her guarantee of thoughtfulness.

The ability, will and duty to make decisions are often central themes in a leaders development. Questions such as how to balance action and negotiation or how to balance decision-making capacity and pensiveness are always present.


Thus, the leader must continually evaluate his/her stance while also evaluating other possible directions.


At Rex I Albright we work with leaders' ability to face challenges as well as their capacity to provide leadership with authenticity, presence and vulnerability.


An executive coaching and sparring programme with Rex I Albright will contribute with inspiration as well as an increased decision-making capacity for implementing change both personally and in relation to the employees, the stakeholders and the organisation that you lead.

An executive coaching process is designed to create organisational and commercial value, and it will always be rooted in your company's strategy.

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The purpose of the Leadership Pipeline Model is to create transparency into what the leadership role entails on the different organisational levels. It is thus intended to create an understanding of and focus on what it takes to give managers success in the transition from one leadership level to another.

The model is rooted in three main assumptions:


  1. That successful leadership requires different competencies and skills at different management levels.

  2. That transitioning from one hierarchical management level to another requires that specific skills, priorities and values are either learned or unlearned.

  3. That companies should develop a model for methodical internal leadership development and leadership recruitment - "building the Leadership Pipeline"

Step 1: Leading Self

Step 2: Leading Others

Step 3: Leading Organisations


The programme takes place over the course of one year and consists of 8 sparring sessions, which predominantly are held at your office. Each session has an overarching theme, and the content of the sessions are related to the challenges you are faced with as a leader.

You will prepare for each session using the provided training material. Simultaneously, you will convert your newly acquired knowledge into practice - as part of our action learning philosophy. Furthermore, you will have a professional sparring partner, who will be available to you throughout the entire programme. Material for the programme is available in Danish and English.


The programme is tailored to your individual management level and is thus fit for both experienced top managers and for the new leader, who needs preparation for the role as a leader. The programme is also relevant when onboarding new managers and directors, who need to be able to create results almost immediately. Furthermore, the programme is relevant for leadership groups who wish to create synergy and common ground. For programmes tailored to leadership groups the individual sessions will be supplemented by joint workshops.


At Rex I Albright we employ the Leadership Pipeline method in all our leadership development programmes. We take our starting point in the reputable "Leadership Pipeline Model" and focus on elevating the quality of management on all levels of the organisation.

The Leadership Pipeline Model:

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